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Family with Tablet


Examples of topics I can support with:

    -What to do when your child is acting out. When should you be concerned and who should you talk to about it?

    -What to do if you think your child may have special needs.

        -What to expect if your child is referred for a special education evaluation.

        -How to request a special education evaluation for your child.

       -Preparing for Review of Existing Data Meetings, Eligibility/Evaluation Meetings, Individual Education Plan meetings, parent-teacher conferences, 504 meetings, etc.

       -What to expect from an IEP/MET meeting.

       -How to understand an IEP and know if it is compliant.

       -Empowerment Scholarship questions- what really are the requirements and who can help?

Teacher and Young Student


I can support you in understanding all of the legal paperwork that comes along with special education. I'll review your child's records and help you understand if it's compliant. Finally, I will make recommendations you can take to your child's educational team.

Business Handshake


Sometimes children act out at home because it's the place they feel the most safe. I can partner with you to understand your child's behavior, and give you tools and resources to support them.

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